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What does it mean to be a NCAA Division III Student-Athlete?

Follow your passions and discover your potential.

Students attend college for the opportunity to pursue their passions in life and develop their potential. For NCAA Division III student-athletes, learning and growth happens most importantly in the classroom and through earning an academic degree. The beauty of the Division III experience is student-athletes are able to participate in a competitive athletic environment where fellow student-athletes push themselves to excellence and build upon their academic success with new challenges and life skills. In fact, student-athletes are encouraged to engage themselves in all aspects of the college experience. Division III has created an integrated environment for student-athletes to take responsibility for their own paths, follow their own passions and find their potential through a comprehensive educational experience.

Division III keywords:

Balance – appropriate relation of academics with opportunities to pursue athletics and other passions

Learning – opportunity for broad-based education and success

Spirit – playing for the love of the game, competition, fun and self-improvement

Fair Play – fair and respectful conduct towards all participants and supporters

Community – dedication to developing responsible leaders and citizens in our communities

Benefits of the Division III experience:

• Achieve the full spectrum of college life through athletic competition and academic achievement
• Access financial aid for college without the obligations of an athletic scholarship
• Opportunities to play more than one sport
• Shorter practice and playing seasons, no red-shirting and regional competition minimizes time away from academic studies to keep student-athletes on the path to graduation
• Participation in athletics provides valuable life lessons – teamwork, discipline, perserverance, leadership – which translates into being a better student and a more responsible citizen

Supporting features of Division III:

1. Comprehensive educational experience – rigorous academics, competitive athletics and the pursuit of other interests and passions
2. Integrated campus environment – admissions standards, housing services, and all other campus offerings are regulated through the same general procedures
3. Academic focus – attend a Division III college for the excellent academic programs
4. Available financial aid – grants or non-athletic scholarships are available
5. Competitive athletic programs – play for the love of the game
6. National championship opportunities – over 155,000 student-athletes competing in 36 different national championships
7. Commitment to athletics participation – a higher number and wider variety of athletic opportunities exist to Division III student-athletes for both men’s and women’s sport

Sportsmanship Statement

Lesley University, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the New England Collegiate Conference promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches and spectators.  We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner.  Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from our sites of competition.  Also, consumption or possession of alcoholic or tobacco products is prohibited.  Any spectators who enter the field of competition will be removed from the premises.