Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

About SAAC

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is a board made up of student-athletes who are committed to generating a voice for the student-athlete within the NCAA.  One of the main purposes for SAAC is to make other student-athletes aware of proprosed NCAA legislation and to recommend legislation to the NCAA regarding certain situations.  SAAC is dedicated to promoting a positive student-athlete image within the athletic programs and creating the executive leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

The mission of the NCAA and Lesley University's SAAC is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

Committee Goals

  • Become a mediator between student-athletes and coaches
  • Create a strong bond and promote communication between student-athletes and the university
  • Build a sense of community within each athletic team
  • Develop true student-athlete leaders and improve his or her involvement within the community


Lesley University SAAC Executive Board


Sarah Apgar - President                        

           Sarah Apgar                                   Leah Miller
             President                                    Vice President


       Melinda Robinson                                Paul Russo
             Treasurer                                      Secretary

Lesley University SAAC Members

Sport Member Name Graduation Year
Baseball Ryan Genua 2014
Baseball Paul Russo 2014
Men's Basketball Kris Bennett
Men's Basketball Cole Dorfman
Men's Basketball Mike Kaufman 2014
Women's Basketball Sarah Apgar
Women's Basketball Anthea Rathjens
Men's Cross Country Ian Barber 2016
Men's Cross-Country Nick Green
Women's Cross-Country Rachel Asam
Women's Cross-Country Abbey Coppinger
Women's Cross-Country Leah Miller
Men's Soccer Chris Hunt 2016
Men's Soccer Dexter Buford 2017
Women's Soccer Alexis Giusti 2015
Women's Soccer Emileigh Lloyd
Women's Soccer Melinda Robinson 2016
Women's Soccer Jasmine Sanchez 2015
Women's Soccer Isabella Vidana 2016
Softball Carlyn Barker
Softball Mekenzi Golden
Women's Tennis Molly Phelps
Women's Tennis Kelly Watt
Women's Track Ariana Thomas 2016
Women's Track Kat Vicino 2014
Women's Volleyball Danielle Johnson
Women's Volleyball Anthea Rathjens