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Student-Athlete Support Services

Student-Athlete Academic Support

Steven Juene

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes


Lesley’s academic support for student-athletes is intended to encourage and enhance the drive and passion of student-athletes off the field while acknowledging the desire for excellence on the field.  Academic support personnel and programs are committed to upholding the university's mission of helping each student-athlete balance a healthy campus life that includes pursuing and exploring academic and community interests.  It is recognized that student-athletes have goals that are satisfied by excelling both in the classroom and on the field. Services provided through the Center for Academic Advising are committed to providing an environment that supports these goals.

Click the links below to learn more about the academic support offered to student-athletes and the people who help make it happen:

Professional Advisor for Student-Athletes

Sports Psychology

All Lesley University student-athletes have access to a sports psychologist who focuses on helping our them maximize their potential.  Student-athletes can have one-on-one or team meetings with our sports psychologist who uses techniques such as goal setting, relaxation, and visualization to understand the how psychological factors affect an individual's or team's performance.

Each semester through their connection with Boston University's Counseling Program, Lesley invites sports psychologist interns to work with our student-athletes. Student-atheltes should email sports psychologists to schedule an appointment:


Student-Athlete Handbook

The student-athlete handbook serves as a tool to provide student-athletes with information, policies, and services available to help meet both academic and athletic goals. This handbook also outlines elibibility concerns with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the New England Collegiate Conference (NECC). All student-athletes are responsible for knowing and are expected to comply with this handbook. 

Student-Athlete Handbook