Strength and Conditioning

Lesley University Athletics is committed to preparing student-athletes for the demands of collegiate athletics and maximize individual potential. Through rigorous strength and conditioning programs, the Lynx work year-round to encourage dedication, intensity and confidence in their sport. The staff is committed to designing and implementing programs to meet the team and individual needs of its student-athletes focusing on strength, power, agility, speed, flexibility, nutrition, prevention and more.

The following clips can be used to assist in performing the exercises outlined in your strength and conditioning plan. As always, please seek further clarification from the strength and conditioning specialist if you have any questions. Proper technique is essential. Medical clearance from the Athletic Trainer must be obtained before starting any fitness program.

Workout Clips


Ankle Rocks


Kettlebell Swing

Back Squat

Physioball Circles

Plank Row

Clean & Jerk

Front Lunge


Hip Swing

Dumbbell Bench

Dumbbell Snatch

Dead Lift


Squat Jump

Bent Over Row

K-Bell Clean & Jerk Split

Box Jump 


Single Arm Dumbbell Row

K-Bell Hand Clean

Stiff Leg Dead Lift


Scap Pushups

Hand Clean

Single Leg Stiff Leg DL

      Rear Foot Elevated Squat

Front Squat

















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