Below are materials shared with Lesley University Athletics coaches and administrators. Please keep your login information private as they are not to be shared with students or student-athletes. 

Emergency Action Plans

Non-emergency EAP

Buckingham Field EAP (softball)

Nicholas Athletics Center EAP (m/w basketball, m/w volleyball, m/w tennis)

Edward Field EAP (m/w soccer)

Trum Field EAP (baseball)


Coaches Handbook

Student-Athlete Handbook



- Official Visit Form

- Unofficial Visit Form

- Overnight Release Form *Must be signed by all prospective students before they arrive to campus. If the PSA is under the age of 18, the form must be signed by their parent/legal guardian.

- Recruit Code of Conduct Form

- Undergraduate Admissions Calendar

Other Resources

- Team Room Calendar

- Meal Request Form