Women's Soccer Announces Addition of Caroline Stratton

Women's Soccer Announces Addition of Caroline Stratton

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The Lesley University women's soccer team has announced the addition of Caroline Stratton as an honorary member to their roster. Stratton is a 14 year old brain cancer survivor who will bring a great source of energy to the Lynx this fall.

"I can already tell Caroline is going to be a great addition to the team," said Lynx sophomore Isabella Vidana. "Her smile, soft-spoken words and passion for life bring a spark to the team that I've never seen before. Caroline is our inspiration. I know that when I feel like giving up on the soccer field, I can look over at Caroline on the sideline and see her cheering and smiling and remember that if she could get through what she did, then I can play 90 minutes of soccer."

After having trouble hearing out of her right ear in 2008, Caroline went for an MRI that saw she had a tumor on her brain. After doctors at the Dallas Children's Hospital removed the tumor, she was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer that originates in the cerebellum. After two years of treatment including chemotherapy and radiation, Caroline can happily say she has been disease-free for the past four years. Caroline and her family moved to Northbridge, Mass. in 2013.

The Lynx were able to adopt Caroline to their team through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. The Friends of Jaclyn is a charitable organization dedicated to improve the quality of life for children and their families who are battling pediatric brain tumors and to raise awareness for the disease and have created relationships with over 300 teams throughout the country.

On Friday, the Lynx welcomed Caroline to their Cambridge campus and officially signed her to the roster. Caroline was presented with the #17 jersey and had the chance to introduce herself and play games with the team.

The Lynx will be Caroline's second adoption team through the Friends of Jaclyn as she was part of United States Air Force Academy's women's volleyball in Colorado Spring, Col.

For more on the Friends of Jaclyn, please visit their website by clicking here.